◆英語タイトル:Philips: Global Challenges, Technological Capabilities, Marketing Tactics, and Strategic Direction in the Diagnostic Imaging Industry
◆発行会社(リサーチ会社):Venture Planning Group
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This new report from Venture Planning Group provides insightful analysis of Philips capabilities, goals and strategies in the global diagnostic imaging market.  The report presents a worldwide strategic overview of the diagnostic imaging market, including:

·Estimates of the market size and growth.

·Sales forecasts by geographic region and modality.

·Review of the U.S. and international technological, regulatory, economic, demographic and social trends with potentially significant impact on the diagnostic imaging industry during the next five years.

·Analysis of major geographic regions, including North America, Europe, Japan and Latin America.

·Discussion of trends in X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, PET, PACS and other technologies.

The analysis of Philips includes:

• Business, new product development, and marketing strategies.
• Anticipated acquisitions, joint ventures, and divestitures.
• The U.S. and international sales force size in major geographic regions.
• Selling options, including rental plans, leasing and others.
• Promotional tactics, e.g., pricing, discounts, advertising, trade shows, seminars, 
  product literature, newsletters, etc.
• System service and support.
• Internally developed and acquired diagnostic imaging and related technologies, including X-ray,
   ultrasound, MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, PET, PACS, and others.

Contains 46 pages and 5 tables