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‘Nucleic acid-based therapeutics’ based on mRNA, are a group of technologies with potential applications in vaccination for cancer, infectious diseases and diseases requiring protein replacement therapy. Improvements in mRNA formulation and delivery using lipid nanoparticle and cationic nanoparticle encapsulation have overcome early issues with stability and complex dendritic cell (DC) loading techniques. Landmark studies have shown that directly injected encapsulated mRNA is both safe and immunogenic triggering humoral and cellular immune responses in healthy and cancer patients.
mRNA vaccines are potentially disruptive because they provide some critical advantages over existing vaccine antigen approaches.

This MarketVIEW product consists of a detailed Executive presentation (~120 .pdf slides) and MS-Excel workbook (.xls) which gives a comprehensive overview of mRNA technologies and their potential application in the prophylatic and therapeutic setting for cancer and infectious diseases indications. An R&D pipeline analysis is provided which details all current mRNA candidates at clinical stages. Major companies and alliances are outlined with a focus on each individual program (infectious diseases). Importantly, drawing upon our VacZine Analytics research portfolio, a strategic analysis is included whereby opportunities associated with mRNA technologies are contrasted with the competitive threat level should a new vaccine progress to licensure. This report is ideal for any client wishes to understand the potential significance of this emerging field.

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION (~120 slides, .pdf) + MS Excel Worksheets

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Published January 2019 (CAT No: VAMV079)
****This product is composed of one Excel workbook (.xls)1 and an Executive presentation (.pdf)2
Authors note
Table of Contents
Executive summary
[Section] mRNA vaccines – Background
16 slides
[Section] mRNA vaccines – R&D pipeline analysis
mRNA vaccines: pipeline analysis methodology
mRNA pipeline analysis: number of clinical trials
mRNA pipeline analysis: industry vs non-industry clinical trials
mRNA pipeline analysis: cancer indications in clinical trials
mRNA pipeline analysis: infectious disease indications in clinical trials
mRNA pipeline analysis: clinical studies by phase
mRNA pipeline analysis: clinical studies by intervention type
mRNA pipeline analysis: clinical studies by initiation date
mRNA pipeline analysis: key companies with mRNA vaccines in clinical studies
[Section] mRNA vaccines – R&D pipeline analysis of key companies – Infectious diseases
Company 1
Company 2
Company 3
Company 4
Additional companies
Appendices: Back-up and source material
About VacZine Analytics
Slide number = 120 (.pdf)
Model worksheet number 5 (.xls)
Bibliography ~ 140 references