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Executive presentation + 1 forecast model



Authors Note
Executive summary
Commercial model: key outputs
HPV TX vaccine: potential revenues per indication (cancers) to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: potential volumes per indication (cancers) to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: potential revenues - cervical/per country to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: potential revenues - oral male/per country to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: potential revenues - oral female/per country to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: potential revenues - neoplasias to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: potential volumes per indication (neoplasias) to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: potential revenues by country (CIN2/3) to 2035
HPV TX vaccine: price sensitivity analysis (cancers)
HPV TX vaccine: price sensitivity analysis (CIN2/3)
HPV TX vaccine: US coverage sensitivity analysis (CIN2/3)
Human papillomavirus: disease background
What is the human papillomavirus (HPV)?
Transmission of HPV and consequences of infection
Prevalence of HPV
Worldwide prevalence of HPV
The role of HPV in human cancers
Oncogenic mechanisms of HPV
HPV-related cancers
HPV is responsible for a large proportion of global cancers
The proportion of each cancer that can be attributed to HPV varies by cancer
HPV-related cancers divided by cancer type
5 year observed survival rate of HPV-related cancers
HPV-related cancers: disease background
Cervical cancer – background
Pathogenesis of cervical cancer
IARC meta-analysis of type-specific HPV DNA prevalence in invasive cervical cancer
Cervical cancer screening programmes
Cervical cancer screening - proportions of population screened
Cervical cancer and HPV prophylactic vaccines
HPV prophylactic vaccine schedules
Cervical cancer – incidence
Pre-cancerous cervical lesions
Incidence of pre-cancerous cervical lesions and attribution to HPV
Cervical cancer - current trends
Cervical cancer - outlook in the era of HPV prophylactic vaccination
Models predicting cancer incidence following HPV prophylactic vaccination
Model predicting cancer incidence and mortality following HPV prophylactic vaccination with 2vHPV/4vHPV or 9vHPV
Oropharyngeal cancer – background
Prevalence of HPV in cancers in various head and neck regions
HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer - trends and epidemiology
Oropharyngeal cancer and HPV
HPV16 is the most prevalent type in oropharyngeal cancer
Oropharyngeal cancer - modelling considerations for therapeutic vaccine
Oropharyngeal cancer – incidence
Trends in oropharyngeal cancer incidence, cancers attributable to HPV and stage at diagnosis
Anal cancer – background
Anal cancer – incidence
Pre-cancerous anal lesions – incidence
Attribution of anal cancer and AIN to HPV and HPV type
Anal cancer – outlook
Penile cancer – background
Penile cancer – incidence
Pre-cancerous penile lesions – incidence
Outlook for pre-cancerous penile lesions
Vulvar cancer – background
Vulvar cancer – incidence
Pre-cancerous vulvar lesions – incidence
Outlook for vulvar cancer and pre-cancerous vulvar lesions
Vaginal cancer – background
Vaginal cancer – incidence
Pre-cancerous vaginal lesions – incidence
Outlook for vaginal cancers and VAIN
Treatment of HPV-related cancers: Current strategies
Current treatment of CIN and cervical carcinoma in situ
Current treatment of cervical cancer
Current treatment of oropharyngeal cancer
Treatment of other anogenital cancers
Human papillomavirus therapeutic vaccines: Overview of current R&D
The need for a HPV therapeutic vaccine
Therapeutic vaccine against HPV – background
Comparison of mechanism of action of prophylactic and therapeutic HPV vaccines
Examples of immune and clinical responses to HPV vaccines
Notable HPV therapeutic vaccines in current/past development
Vaccines in development - MVA E2
Vaccines in development - ADXS11-001
Vaccines in development - ISA101/HPV16-SLP
Vaccines in development - VGX-3100 and INO-3112
Vaccines in development - GX-188E
Vaccines in development - GTL001 (ProCervix) and GTL002
Vaccines in development - pNGVL4a series
Notable HPV therapeutic vaccines no longer in development
Ongoing HPV therapeutic vaccine trials on Clinicaltrials.gov (1) - ADXS11-001
Ongoing HPV therapeutic vaccine trials on Clinicaltrials.gov (2) - ISA101, INO-3112 and PepCan
Ongoing HPV therapeutic vaccine trials on Clinicaltrials.gov (3) - GX-188E and others
HPV therapeutic vaccines: summary of progress so far
Human papillomavirus therapeutic vaccines: Modelling commercial potential
Commercial considerations for a therapeutic HPV vaccine
Therapeutic HPV vaccine: target product profile (TPP)
Modelling strategy: indications and countries
Modelling strategy: populations/target groups
Model assumptions: incidence/prevalence of target precancerous lesions/cancers
CIN inputs to commercial model (20-65 yrs females)
Model assumptions: growth rates applied/precancerous lesions/cancers
Model assumptions: HPV 16/18+ prevalence within target precancerous lesions/cancers
Other indication specific model assumptions
HPV therapeutic vaccine (TX): model assumptions
Model assumptions: first dose HPV TX vaccine penetration rates
Model assumptions: 2nd/3rd/booster dose compliance rates
Cost effectiveness of HPV TX vaccine
HPV TX vaccine (s): pricing considerations
Model validations (US): cancers
Model validations: PAP screening
Model validations: CIN
Model caveats and limitations
Appendix I: CIN treatment – review of costs
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