Sumavel DosePro (片頭痛/Migraine):医薬品市場予測及び分析(~2023)

◆英語タイトル:Sumavel DosePro (Migraine) - Forecast and Market Analysis to 2023
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Sumavel DosePro (Migraine) – Forecast and Market Analysis to 2023


The migraine market is saturated with generic drugs, and the remaining branded products already on the market are expected to lose exclusivity during the next few years, with the exception of Botox for chronic migraine, which is expected to maintain its leading position in terms of sales. However, reformulations of mature products as well as new classes of therapies are anticipated to launch during the forecast period and these will contribute to the market growth. By 2023, the migraine market will grow to $3.7 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6%, with the US continuing to dominate the market as a result of higher drug prices and a large migraine population. Some of the new treatments are expected to target the key unmet needs but opportunities will remain for further treatment choices especially drugs that will offer an improved safety and side-effects profile.

Sumavel DosePro is currently the only commercially available prefilled disposable needle-free delivery system for subcutaneous injection. Its active ingredient is GSK’s Imitrex (sumatriptan succinate) for acute treatment of migraines with or without aura. DosePro technology works by utilizing compressed nitrogen gas to penetrate the skin, under high pressure and into the subcutaneous tissue in one-tenth of a second (Sumavel DosePro prescribing information, 2011). The medicine is then absorbed into the bloodstream. The device was developed to enable self-administration of liquid drug formulations in single doses subcutaneously without a needle.


- Overview of Migraine, including epidemiology, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, pathology and treatment guidelines as well as an overview on the competitive landscape._x000D_
- Detailed information on Sumavel DosePro including product description, safety and efficacy profiles as well as a SWOT analysis._x000D_
- Sales forecast for Sumavel DosePro for the US from 2012 to 2023._x000D_
- Sales information covered for the US.

Reasons to buy

- Understand and capitalize by identifying products that are most likely to ensure a robust return_x000D_
- Stay ahead of the competition by understanding the changing competitive landscape for Migraine_x000D_
- Effectively plan your M&A and partnership strategies by identifying drugs with the most promising sales potential_x000D_
- Make more informed business decisions from insightful and in-depth analysis of Sumavel DosePro performance _x000D_
- Obtain sales forecast for Sumavel DosePro from 2012-2023 in the US.


1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 6
1.1 List of Tables 8
1.2 List of Figures 8
2 Introduction 9
2.1 Catalyst 9
2.2 Related Reports 9
2.3 Upcoming Related Reports 11
3 Disease Overview 12
3.1 Etiology and Pathophysiology 14
3.1.1 Etiology 14
3.1.2 Pathophysiology 15
3.1.3 Prognosis 16
3.2 Symptoms 16
3.2.1 Premonitory Phase 17
3.2.2 Aura Phase 17
3.2.3 Headache Phase 18
3.2.4 Postdrome Phase 18
4 Disease Management 19
4.1 Treatment Overview 19
4.1.1 Acute Migraine Treatment 22
4.1.2 Preventive Migraine Treatment 23
5 Competitive Assessment 24
5.1 Overview 24
5.2 Strategic Competitor Assessment 25
6 Sumavel DosePro (sumatriptan) 26
6.1 Overview 26
6.2 Efficacy 27
6.3 Safety 27
6.4 SWOT Analysis 28
6.5 Forecast 28
7 Appendix 30
7.1 Bibliography 30
7.2 Abbreviations 32
7.3 Methodology 34
7.4 Forecasting Methodology 34
7.4.1 Diagnosed Migraine Patients 34
7.4.2 Percent Drug-treated Patients 34
7.4.3 General Pricing Assumptions 35
7.4.4 Individual Drug Assumptions 36
7.4.5 Generic Erosion 36
7.5 Physicians and Specialists Included in this Study 37
7.6 Survey of Prescribing Physicians 38
7.7 About the Authors 39
7.7.1 Author 39
7.7.2 Reviewer 39
7.7.3 Global Head of Healthcare 40
7.8 About GlobalData 41
7.9 Disclaimer 41

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: Classification of Migraine Subtypes 13
Table 2: Diagnostic Criteria for Migraine with Aura 17
Table 3: Diagnostic Criteria for Migraine without Aura 18
Table 4: Treatment Guidelines for Migraine 20
Table 5: Most Prescribed Drugs for Migraine by Class in the Major Markets, 2013 21
Table 6: Product Profile - Sumavel DosePro 27
Table 7: Sumavel DosePro SWOT Analysis, 2013 28
Table 8: Global Sales Forecasts ($m) for Sumavel DosePro, 2012-2023 29
Table 9: Physicians Surveyed, By Country 38

1.2 List of Figures
Figure 1: Migraine Treatment Algorithm in the 7MM 21


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